All work and no play

Work, laundry, cleaning, fixing this, fixing that, cooking, organizing, reorganizing. Parents do so much for their children. Parenting is a time when we do things with them as well.

The tough part is now that our children are in middle school, their interests have changed and we have to work harder to play with them in creative ways. Think back to the days when our single-digit children would bring toys to us to play, ask us to play board games and always jump for joy when we said “Let’s go to the playground.”

Well, I’ve been in a rut lately catching up on work. It’s time for me to focus on doing things with my kids, and spring break is right around the corner. I’ll list some ideas and websites below but I need some creative, unique ideas. Please comment and share your best.

  1. Play around the world at the basketball hoop.
  2. Paint nails together.
  3. Walk to the 711 for a Slurpie
  4. Grab a remote control and play
  5. Draw together
  6. rock climbing together at local rec center
  7. Jump in trampoline
  8. Play duet on piano

I need more ideas. What are yours?

Want to go out and about in Colorado? Lots of ideas and coupons here!

A local mom and blogger offering great suggestions. My favorite idea is how to get discounted tickets to Denver Performing Arts.

Found an article by chance that reminds parents playing video games with teens builds relationships! Put down the vacuum cleaner and go have fun!

This site begins discussing how to play with your small children. Keep reading because it ends with wisdom and ideas for the tween/teen.  I really liked this one section, so I’ve copied and pasted it below for you.

Whatever we dedicate our time and attention to usually turns out pretty good, especially if we don’t quit and see our projects through to their successful completion.

Where do you find yourself spending most of your time and attention these days?

If you don’t have much Parenting Fun anymore, it might be because your time and attention and best efforts are somewhere other than in being a Parent.

If your career makes you Super Happy and your children always seem to drive you nuts, then perhaps you are focusing your energy into activities that are not helping you to be the Parent you need to be?

Don’t complain at the results of your Parenting if you aren’t putting your best time and efforts into where they need to be as regards your children and home life.

Even the most promising of gardens can quickly become chocked with weeds if neglected for too long.

Children, Families and Happy Parenting are no exceptions.


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